If you like reading and would

like to promote reading

in your community,

please join us on the

Clive Library Board

as we try

to grow our library!!


Anyone in or out of town

is welcome to put in

a letter of intent to the

Clive Library Board and drop

it off at the Village Office


Free Friday Movie Night

Movie Nights will not proceed through the summer months. Movies nights will resume in September.

The next night at the movies will be held on September 12th

Enjoy your Summer

committed to serving the community
√Current & Extensive Collection


E-Readers  Wireless Internet Access


Workshops  Faxing  Copying


Printing  Laminating  Book Binding




Story Time at the Library

 Tuesday 11:00am - 11:30am

 Bring you children in for a reading adventure


Become A Purple Pirate

Read twenty books

to your pre-school child

and receive a free childrens book.

This reading initiative program

is sponsored by 

Clive Public Library 


Books and Bootie

Reading Rewards


Chill out at the library and earn B.B.R.R rewards!

 Every 1/2 hour of reading at the library earns YOU a COOL TREAT!


Come in to the CLIVE PUBLIC LIBRARY, and sign up for a FREE library membership.

*Parkland Regional Library members have access to library collections throughout Alberta 

*free computer use and wifi access * fax, photocopying, printing, laminating & bookbinding  

*monthly programs *e-readers *magazines *large print *movies... 


          BOOKS TO GO

           Request a bag of

           "Books To Go!"


                      Ready by 1:00pm the following day

                 Call the library 


              and get your

             Books To Go


Free Friday Movie Nights 2014


Sponsorship and Concession

We are pleased to announce Free Friday Movies will be continuing through 2014. The Clive Public Library is seeking sponsors for the 2014 Free Friday Movie Night Program. Sponsorship is open to any business, organization, service group, or individual. If you are interested in becoming a sponsore of this popular program please contact the Library at 403-784-3131.

We still have a few spots avalible if you are interested please contact Sandra.



Check out the latest eReaders

      at the Clive Library!

Would you like to learn a different language?

 Check out Mango!














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